March 9, 2018

This is a big deal.

It's not a big deal because I'm someone important. 

It's not even a big deal because it's something new (literally there are 50 kazillion blogs.)


It's a big deal because of how scared I've been to even start this.

It's a big deal because I've taken years to write this first post. 

It's a big deal because I've stopped listening to negative self talk.

It's a big deal because I am telling myself my dreams are worth the work. 

It's a big deal because I am today I am saying 

"Day one." Instead of

"One day." 



I've realized that nothing holds me back more than my insecurities. 

I've been in the process of starting this blog for a while. 


I would always get these intense moments of inspiration and then literally talk my self out of it.

Every. Single. Time.


What if no one likes it? 

Who would even want to listen to me?

I'm not even that good at writing? Why should I blog? 


It was a constant merry-go-round of "What if's in my head." 


So I shut that part of my brain down and I just went for it. 


And here we are:

Welcome to Celeste + Company. 


I'll be sharing with you my heart. 

My journey of self-care, motherhood, and recipes because... food. 


I hope that this can be a place for you to be inspired to take the best care of you, mentally and physically. A place where you can let go of your fears and be inspired to take a leap of faith. 


I really don't have it all together... but I’m learning and feel honored to share my heart with you. 

I hope we can grow together to become the bold, couragagous, playful, intellegent, kind, loving, generous, compassionate, honest, and positively amazing people that God has created us to be!




Day 1. 


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