July 1, 2018


Happy Canada Day!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Two years ago Caleb and I were newly married and it was the first holiday that he would be away from his family and here in the US. 


Canada Day is similar to the 4th of July here in the US: fireworks, bbq’s and celebration!  

Anyone who knows Caleb knows he is very patriotic and veryyy proud to be Canadian!! Lol

I knew I wanted to do something special ... since he would be missing home. 


Soooo...  I threw a surprise party at our Young Adult church gathering!

It was so fun and so meaningful to him... Seeing his face light up like that still brings a smile to my face! 


I still don’t know how we were able to pull this all off with my very limited budget 😂😂 and only 35 minutes to set up but this is one of my favorite memories! 


I always say go all out for the ones you love! 



Garland and photo booth 


We printed out 25 fun facts about Canada and the best cake from Publix. (I haven’t been able to find it anymore wahhh) 





The set up turned out amazing!! 

We put the whole room together in less than 35 minutes ! I was sweating LOL 




This drink was BOMB! You know we had to have Canada Dry for my Canadian boy. 💕


We mixed it with cranberry juice and it was amazing! 


I ordered these napkins from amazon! 




My friend Jessica Anderson made these awesome yogurt covered pretzels! They were a hit!





My face when we actually pulled it off! I couldn’t believe it! 



SIDE NOTE:  he was wearing his Sens hockey jersey in the Florida July heat LOL! He also sang the Canadian national anthem all day! 


Oh well! I love my Canadian Boy! Happy Canada Day friends! 




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