What Pregnancy Has Taught Me About Major Life Changes

January 13, 2019

Finding out you're pregnant can be exhilarating and exciting. But let's be honest, that 40-week mark can seem so far away, especially in the beginning. However, today, I find myself on the eve of giving birth and thinking "OMG, I can't believe it!" 



I've been spending the last few days before Baby arrives reflecting on what a journey it has been. I want to be honest with you, pregnancy has not been super glamorous and beautiful for me.  Actually, this pregnancy was way harder than it was with Levi (hmm... is that sign it's a girl? lol) 


The truth is this: Pregnant or not, we all go through times of massive change: change of job (or loss of job), a divorce , moving to a new home or city, turbulence in a relationships... whatever the major life change is ... change is not easy. It can be overwhelming and distressing.


But what if we could get good at dealing with all kinds of changes?


Pregnancy has taught me that times of major transition can actually be a time of deepening, growth, and even joy.


It's funny but our brains are LOVERS for comfort. Everything that is stressful and sucky about any change, or a great amount of change, is highlighted in our minds. 


For my pregnancy this go-around I knew almost right away that I was pregnant. That is because I was extremely nauseous, something that lasted for NINETEEN WEEKS (yes, you read that right, 19 weeks.) On top of that, I was consistently in pain and just overall uncomfortable. 


I knew that if I did not actively pray and change my thought process, I could immediately sink really deep into a perpetually negative place. 


The good news about our mind is that, we can work with it. We can let go of things, shift things, open up to things … because our minds are adaptable and trainable.


So, I FORCED myself to relish the good moments I had in pregnancy. Regardless of how tired I was, how much my back ached or just the general discomfort that comes with growing a human, I trained myself to become grateful. 



Here are three steps I took when I realized I was struggling with change. 


 1. I became extremely aware of my mental thoughts.

That sounds super simple, but you'd be surprised how many times we think negatively and how it can affect our whole mood. 


2. I made myself relax into the beauty of the changing moment.

In life (and especially in pregnancy) everything is moving, changing and shifting into a new moment. Nothing stays the same and nothing is really solid. This idea that "nothing stays the same" is incredibly beautiful... if we can relax and enjoy it.


3. I practiced loving things exactly as they are.

That included times when my house was messy and the growing number every time I stepped on the scale. By being grateful in the moment I was able to discipline my mind to see how awesome it was that I was able to carry life again in my womb. 


So pregnant or not I hope these tips help you in any major life change you may go through. 


​Let's be open to life changes (big or small) instead of resisting it. Let's learn to love things as they are, including the change, rather than complaining about them! 


Of course, we are not perfect and we will have bad days, but it’s worth going through step by step a few times, maybe one or two dozen times, until you feel like you have a physical understanding of it. With prayer and a consistent focus to changing your mindset, I can guarantee that something will shift in you. 


After all is said and done, I am so thankful for every back ache, pound gained, stretch mark, (and any other uncomfortable feeling you can throw in there) that has occured during pregancy.


It will all be worth it when I hold Baby Grant in my arms. 





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